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Why Do Women Lie About Penis Size?

If you ask any women about what penis size they’ll be happy with then it is obvious that they would reply as 4 to 5 inches or just say it doesn’t matter. However this is far from being true. 95% of women don’t reveal their love for bigger penis. They don’t want you to know their exact dream of bigger penis. Why do women lie about penis size? Read the rest of the article to find out.

It is quite amazing why women don’t reveal their exact wish of bigger penis and often lie about it. If a man is suffering from under sized penis even then also they won’t quite reveal the fact that they’re not enjoying it but would instead get depressed and frustrated. They might even deny sex often but won’t reveal the fact that they’re unhappy with the penis size.

So why do women lie about penis size? Here is how you can know the truth. Although 95% of women love to have sex with bigger penis a majority of them won’t reveal the exact penis size they’re after. Some would just hide their feelings by saying the size doesn’t matter while others say they’re worried about the quality and not quantity.

This is the true lies that you could ever hear. Don’t trust those words. They’ll be getting frustrated and disappointed about the size without your knowledge. Many women would not like to hurt their partner by saying that your penis size is not up to the mark fearing that their man could get depressed and even suffer more from it.

Why do women lie about penis size?

The main reason for this is being the way they think. The thing is that they don’t want to known as sexy women by revealing their wish of bigger penis size. They would like to keep a simple stature by saying that women just enjoy sex and size doesn’t matter. Neither they want to hurt their partner nor want them to get to know that they enjoy bigger cock.

How to make her happy?

No matter how many times she denies this fact the reality is that every women loves bigger penis. They might say that ‘oh, that’s so big. I can’t handle it’. They might even say ‘oh my god, it’s so big. Please I can’t bear so much pain. It’ll hurt’. These are just lies nothing more. They would love that pain when your big penis penetrates their vagina.

So be assured that they’ll enjoy that bigger penis. Don’t be concerned about why do women lie about penis size?

How to achieve it?

There are many products in the market that actually promise to increase the penis size by as much as 100% but can’t be trusted. The maximum that you can increase your penis size is by about 2-3 inches. This can be achieved with the useful products such as penis enhancement pills combine with penis exercises or creams.

Why do women lie about penis size? Hope you got your answer.

With the help of modern penis enlargement treatments you can treat many sex related ailments. There are many types of male enhancement products and methods available in the market, which will make you free from all kinds of sexual disorders. Among the available products the most popular penis enlargement product is the penis enhancement pills.

You can find hundreds of different kinds of penis pills in the market. You need to select the one that is suitable to your health condition; this decision can be taken by consulting your doctor. The male enhancement pills work by supplying the required nutrients to your body. The herbal penis pills contain pure natural plant extracts selected from all over the world.

When you adopt the method of consuming penis pills, you can combine the penis enhancement cream for the better and faster results. The potent formula present in the cream gives your penile tissues all sorts of energy providing nutrients, which will in turn improve your overall sexual health.

Once you start applying the penis enhancement cream on your penis, the herbs present in the cream penetrate through your skin and enter into the blood vessels. When you combine the penis pills along with the cream you will get the desired results in a quicker manner. The overall results will be a solid control over the sexual activities.

When you compare the oral medication with that of cream, the penis enhancement cream delivers the necessary vitamins directly to the penile tissues through your skin. Since there are many fake companies which are marketing the duplicate products, you need to conduct a thorough research in order to get a genuine product.

While selecting the penis pills, always make sure that you buy them from a reputed manufacturer who has direct access to the doctors and medical professional and has a complete testing facility. By doing this you will get all the necessary info regarding the correct composition of ingredients and correct formula that works for you.

By selecting the reputed companies you will be able to get the history of the product as well. The companies will have official websites which will help you in providing you the info regarding the performance of the product in the past. You can read the reviews regarding the product and then make a decision.

Some of the benefits which can be expected by combining the penis pills along with the penis enlargement cream are:

  • Enhanced energy levels, which results in solid control over the sexual activities
  • You will be able to sustain the energy levels till the end of the sexual intercourse
  • Enhanced erection, improved sperm count and solid control over the orgasms.
  • Increased sexual stamina resulting in more intense sessions with high satisfaction levels

Since you are going to apply the penis enlargement cream externally, you will be completely free from any sorts of side effects. Only thing which you need to pay attention to is reading and understanding the instructions given by the company and taking all precautionary measures.

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