Delayed Ejaculation/Retarded Ejaculation

In most cases, many people think that the only ejaculation problem men can face is premature ejaculation. They argue that sexual intercourse is more stimulating that any man can’t afford to skip ejaculating. This is not true. Some men have admitted having difficulties in reaching an orgasm despite getting sexually stimulated.

This problem is known as delayed ejaculation. A man suffering from delayed ejaculation may be forced to indulge in sexual intercourse for a longer duration (more than 30 minutes) in order to achieve orgasms. Some men with this problem may fail to achieve orgasms at all.

Delayed ejaculation is not common as compared to premature ejaculation. Approximately 8% of the world’s men population suffers from this condition. The major signs and symptoms of delayed ejaculation include sexual stimulations that last for more than 30 minutes, failure to achieve orgasm despite sexual stimulation, and the ability to ejaculate only through oral or manual stimulation.

There are numerous causes for delayed ejaculation including psychological causes, medication, medical conditions, surgery, lifestyle factors, and chronic health conditions. The medical conditions likely to cause delayed ejaculation include pituitary disorders such as prostate surgery outcome and Cushing’s disease, thyroid disorders and hypogonadism. Medications likely to cause delayed ejaculation include benzodiazepines, opiates, methadone, morphine, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

The psychological factors likely to cause delayed ejaculation include distraction caused by worry, the environment which can result in insufficient sleep and anxiety, relationship stress, anger, and poor communication. Surgery can be grouped as a physical cause of delayed ejaculation. It may result in spinal or pelvic nerve damage, urinary or prostate infections, heart disease, low testosterone levels, low thyroid hormone and birth defects.

Treating delayed ejaculation is possible. However, this condition should first be diagnosed to confirm whether or not one has it and to help come up with the appropriate method of treatment. A doctor may have to listen to the patient’s explanation regarding the symptoms or conduct a physical examination to help come up with the possible remedy.

Sex therapy is the ideal treatment for delayed ejaculation. During this procedure, the doctor may advise the patient to consider masturbating in the presence of his partner so as to improve his confidence. This act can be done at home and not necessarily in the hospital.

Sexual partners are then advised to help each other whereby the male partner gets stimulated by his sexual partner through the use of hands. The partners can then shift to inserting the man’s penis into his partner’s vagina, anus or mouth when orgasm is about to be achieved to help him get used to ejaculating through insertion.

Delayed ejaculation may adversely affect a man’s sex life. It can result in low self-esteem as a result of the inability to ejaculate inside his partner, especially if they are looking to have children or if his partner just loves the feeling of receiving semen. Also, a man may lose interest in having sex with his partner. This can jeopardize their relationship and in many cases, result in relationship fallouts.

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