How Do Premature Ejaculation Treatment Pills Work?

Have you ever felt you came earlier than you ought to during sex? Or are you feeling that you always come faster than you wish to? Well, you might be suffering from premature ejaculation. This is a common condition among men of all ages and is capable of affecting any man at any given time.

Premature ejaculation refers to a sexual disorder in which a man is unable to hold ejaculation for more than two minutes. Usually, premature ejaculation can occur immediately before penetration or immediately after penetration.

The primary cause of premature ejaculation is overexcitement during sexual stimulation. The man may feel overwhelmed by the urge to ejaculate hence may end up giving in to ejaculation urge even before inserting his penis into his partner’s vagina, anus or mouth or before lasting long enough.

Various factors can cause premature ejaculation. Some men admit that they have a problem with holding ejaculation while having sex after staying for a long period without sex. Also, some men say that they have a problem with holding ejaculation when they are having sex with a new partner for the first time.

Others blame it on the sexual positions. Premature ejaculation can also be caused by lack of sexual experience whereby a man is still an amateur in sexual activities and doesn’t have the skills to control himself from ejaculating.

Generally, premature ejaculation can be frustrating to both partners as it prevents them from enjoying maximum sexual pleasures. When a man ejaculates quickly than he had intended to, despite achieving an orgasm, he may not feel completely satisfied as he would have loved the sexual encounter to proceed long enough.

In many cases, it is the sexual partner that gets hurt the most in the event premature ejaculation occurs. This is because they might not have achieved their orgasms hence left hanging with their sexual pleasure thwarted.

Premature ejaculation is treatable in various ways. One of the common methods men consider today is the use of premature ejaculation treatment pills. Although several controversies surround the use of these pills, a significant number of men have admitted having treated the problem of ejaculating prematurely. Some admit that they can now last a bit longer than they used to before they commenced using the pills.

Premature ejaculation treatment pills work in two major ways. Some pills contain active ingredients that when consumed, prompt the body to increase the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for increasing the ejaculation threshold. An increase in the level of serotonin in the body helps delay ejaculation.

Other premature ejaculation treatment pills work by delivering active ingredients into the body which cause the numbing of the penis. A numb penis is less sensitive hence can delay ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation treatment pills are effective and can help men counter quick orgasms. However, one should be very careful regarding the brand of pills he intends to purchase. Some brands are fake and can be harmful. It is advisable to buy these pills only from the reputable companies.

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