Male Enhancement And Testosterone – Is There A Connection?

Male enhancement is a practice dating back from time immemorial. Up to now, men are still considering this exercise with some changes apparent. The advancement in technology has seen the world of male enhancement improve significantly with more potent male enhancement methods being introduced.

Some of the renowned male enhancement methods include the use of male enhancement pills, use of penis extender devices, use of penis pumps and use of creams and patches. One of the questions that arise from male enhancement is whether or not there is a connection between male enhancement and testosterone hormone.

Scientifically, testosterone hormone is known to play a great role in male enhancement. This hormone is made in the testes. It is popular as a major sex hormone in men and responsible for controlling the physical features in males.

Testosterone hormone is usually recommended to manifest in the right levels to maintain a good sex life in men. This hormone can affect the sex drive, sperm count and erection strength in men. Therefore, a significant drop in its level could adversely affect a man’s sexual performance and experience.

Male enhancement is usually done to improve a man’s sexual performance and experience. Typically, this is sought in the event a man is suffering from sexual dysfunctions or not entirely satisfied with his sex life.

Sexual dysfunctions include the inability to last longer in bed, the inability to control ejaculation, producing a low sperm count or possessing a micropenis. All these adversities usually affect a man’s self-esteem adversely, which could extend to causing dissatisfaction to one’s sex partner.

During male enhancement, a man may consider the use of male enhancement pills to increase the size of his penis. In this case, the pills work by stimulating the release of testosterone hormone which helps in the growth and development of the male reproductive tissues. This adds to the effect of increased supply of blood to the penis that nourishes the penis with blood rich in oxygen and nutrients.

In some cases, a man may experience a reduced sperm count. This can curtail his ability to make babies especially if that is his major aim for indulging in sexual intercourse with his partner. Male enhancement through the use of male enhancement pills can help these kinds of men maximize their ability to have children by increasing their sperm count.

The male enhancement pills used to improve the sperm count are also known as the volume pills. These pills work by stimulating the production of more testosterone hormone which helps in the production of more sperm.

Aging, chronic diseases, stress, depression and drug use could significantly affect a man’s sex drive. Male enhancement comes in handy to bail these types of men from the misery of a low sex drive.

Male enhancement pills help improve sex drive by stimulating the release of more testosterone hormone that is needed to increase the sexual urge in men. Therefore, any man suffering from the loss of sexual appetite could regain his sexual urge with ease hence optimizing the quality of his sex life.

Candidly, there is a connection between male enhancement and testosterone. Male enhancement needs testosterone to achieve its objectives.

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