Penis Patch Ingredients

Patch technology is becoming increasingly common in recent years. The patient is supposed to apply the patch on his or her body. The patch will continuously release the natural or pharmaceutical ingredients straight into the bloodstream. The logic behind the practicality of patches emerges from the fact that the skin is just a thin and porous wall in the human body. As a result, if medical or natural ingredients are delivered via the skin, they will directly and accurately enter the blood stream. In that case, it offers a faster way of passing the ingredients into the bloodstream, compared to the popular penis enlargement pills- where the ingredients go through the stomach first.

Upon confirming that penis patch actually works, one may wonder, what are the ingredients contained in it. What makes the penis patches such a strong option for penis enhancement? Well, wonder no more. Below is a list of the most common ingredients found in penis patches

The ingredient contained in the penis patches are the same as the ones in the penis enhancement pills. The only difference between these two products of penis enlargement is the manner in which the ingredients are delivered into the body. Both products contain a mix of pro-sexual herbs that are known to generate strong and positive physiological effects on the sexual function of men. They help to promote more powerful, larger as well as more frequent erections. Men whose sex drive has experienced a decline may also benefit from the effect of the ingredients.

Some of the most common herbs include the Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana and Ginkgo. They are commonly known as vasodilators. They are included because they are known to increase the flow of blood to the penis area. They usually work by expanding and relaxing the arteries responsible for feeding the male member with blood. Since such herbs can significantly boost the flow of blood to the penis, they are known for encouraging firmer and larger looking erections that usual.

Fo-ti, Catuaba and Gotu Kola are other herbs included in penis patches. These herbs don’t necessarily cause a direct impact on the sexual function of the user. However, they assist in increasing energy levels. As a result, individuals looking for improved sexual stamina and endurance can significantly benefit from them. This explains why they are staple ingredients as far as penis patch ingredients are concerned.

Ginseng, Muira Puama and saw palmetto also form part of the ingredients used to make penis patches. These herbs typically encourage the release of male sex hormones like testosterones. When the male sex hormones are in good supply, a man experiences heightened sex drive, more frequent as well as longer lasting erections.

The most interesting thing about all these herbs is that they work synergistically together. Of utmost importance is to make sure that the right quantities are used to make the ultimate combination of the ingredients. If this is accomplished, their effects are multiplied and become stronger than when each component is used alone.

The effectiveness of the leading brands of penis pills and patches is attributed to this synergistic effect of the herbs.

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