Pre-ejaculate: Any Health Risks?

In most cases, many people tend to confuse pre-ejaculate with semen. This is because pre-ejaculate appears more like semen. Pre-ejaculate is a clear, viscous and colorless fluid that leaks from the penile meatus when a man is sexually aroused.

The primary role of pre-ejaculate is to offer a conducive atmosphere for the passage of sperm by neutralizing the acidic environment, which might be as a result of urine remains or vaginal atmosphere and to help lubricate the penis during sexual intercourse. Many controversies surround this fluid. Some people think that pre-ejaculate is capable of making a woman pregnant while others believe it can’t. Also, some people associate pre-ejaculate with health risks.

According to numerous scientific studies, pre-ejaculate has very little or no chances of making a woman pregnant. The pre-ejaculate normally released before any antecedent sexual activity doesn’t usually contain any sperm in it hence can’t cause pregnancy.

However, a problem arises after a man indulges in sexual intercourse and ejaculates leaving traces of sperm in his urethra. In this case, there is a risk of the pre-ejaculate causing pregnancy as it will undoubtedly carry with it the sperm left in the urethra.

Some men produce more pre-ejaculate that makes them feel uncomfortable. They may find themselves wetting their underwear, feeling irritated or embarrassed. Also, pre-ejaculate may seep from the penis during foreplay making one’s partner uncomfortable. If you are finding it difficult to control your pre-ejaculate and feeling embarrassed with the amount you release, you can consider seeking medical attention.

However, you should know that releasing more pre-ejaculate isn’t unhealthy. Typically, the more the amount of pre-ejaculate available, the more the chances of having a gratifying sexual intercourse with your partner since there will be enough vaginal lubrication.

The primary health risk associated with pre-ejaculate is sexually transmitted infections. Many studies show that pre-ejaculate can sustain HIV which can be risky for a healthy sexual partner. This proves that is possible for a man to infect his female partner with HIV through pre-ejaculate contact. Consequently, pre-ejaculate is not entirely safe for new partners or partners unaware of their HIV status despite posing a remarkably lower risk for pregnancy.

If you are a couple who are doing family planning through the withdrawal technique, then you shouldn’t be afraid. As long as you are faithful to each other, you are unlikely to suffer from the health risks that may arise from pre-ejaculate. To prevent pregnancy more effectively, you can consider combining the withdrawal method with the rhythm technique.

For those sexual partners who find pre-ejaculate very uncomfortable and wouldn’t consider getting it into contact with the recipient partner, the use of condoms could serve as an ideal solution. In most cases, such partners are avoiding pregnancy and wouldn’t afford to risk getting the pre-ejaculate in contact with the vagina.

One of the best methods of preventing pregnancy recommended by medical practitioners for couples who wouldn’t mind the pre-ejaculate is the use of birth control pills. This method is estimated to be 99% effective. However, couples are always advised to visit an expert to examine the woman before commencing its use.

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